Tuesday, October 23, 2007


  • I have a paper due Friday. Part of me wonders if I'll actually finish it. I do, however, have a thoroughly edited first sentence.
  • Dumbledore is gay. My reaction? "Hmmm, interesting". I really liked this NPR clip, though.
  • NPR has a podcast that's all about books. "Fresh Air" and other NPR shows have been keeping me apprised of all the new books coming out as well as allowing me to listen to authors speak. I really enjoy listening in. Pretty cool!
  • Research and writing is hard work. But it's also pretty rewarding.
  • I am for sure not graduating in the spring. But that's okay. I'll just take more classes!
  • Lance brought me presents from Montana. The only one I could have, however, was a giant cupcake cake pan. Isn't it cool?
  • Halloween is coming up--the time to dress like a slut. I think I'm going as a sexy librarian because I don't have to actually purchase anything for this costume. (After I finished typing that, I realized it made me sound like I had slutty clothes laying around everywhere--it's really going to be in the combination, however, and wearing a shirt that I ordinarily wear a tank top under).
  • Back to work. I'm taking off tomorrow afternoon to try and finish that dratted paper, so I'd best make sure I have everything done.

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Kathryn said...

Woo hoo! Giant cupcakes!!!!

And no, Jenn does not have slutty clothes lying around her apartment. I, however, do have slutty clothes in my closet. And I'm bringing some of them for Jenn tomorrow (i.e. "sexy librarian shoes"). Hehe.