Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend Update

While I'm slowly suffocating under a mound of homework and neglected thesis work, I'm trudging forth and doing all sorts of things. I only hope that I can get all of my work done, and get it done well! It's sad that I look forward to the week, since my weekends are so busy anymore.

I went to visit family on Sunday (drove to Harrison, hung out, then drove back to Fayetteville, did yoga, then went to potluck). I discovered that my sister-in-law is pregnant with another girl. That means they will have five daughters. Fun times.

Bikes, Blues, and BBQ occurred this weekend in Fayetteville. Since I live close to downtown, I got to listen to bikes go up and down the street all day and all night. Fun. I did go down to the festival on Saturday with my dad and my brothers (followed by a birthday party and a pumpkin party), so that was fun. Sunday, my brother took me on a ride on his fast new motorcycle (I almost flew off the back when he took off), which prompted my dad to take me on a leisurely ride on his.

And now I'm settling down to a full week without Lance (*sniff*), and the growing mountain of homework that might topple if I don't get some of it done this week. Looks like I'll be in the library if you need me...

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