Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Class Contemplations

I just sent an e-mail to my adviser begging to see if anything could be done about my missing requirement--after all, I've already taken 24 hours, and plan to take 6 more, and we only need 24 of coursework total (plus 6 for thesis). We'll see if he heeds my plea.

If anything, I discovered a Readings in German-Jewish authors class that I could take in the spring to meet the lacking requirement: we only have to take classes in three different of the five areas (19th century British, 20th century British, 19th century American, 20th century American, and world literature.) However, if I take that, I doubt I'll be able to take Literacy and Applied Linguistics, which would be very sad. And taking 9 hours plus working full-time would be suicide, and Lance would probably yell at me if I tried. So, perhaps I'll just wait to graduate in the summer. I'll continue to keep you all updated.

*Edit* UPDATE:
Damn! I am missing a requirement. My adviser wants me to come in and talk to him. It looks like I'll be graduating in the summer or next fall after all.


Lance said...

Yes, I would yell at you :P

the secret knitter said...

It will all work out. And, umm, this way you'll get to read more books?