Monday, April 25, 2011

Three Weeks and Counting

It's the countdown until the end of the semester.  My students feel it (though I think since the snow, they never really got into the semester as they should have), and are responding appropriately.  I am trying to schedule all the things I have to finish up before the semester ends and how I can do it without going crazy or overdosing on coffee.

Then...the summer. In which I currently have no plans and no employment.  It's weird, a summer without something to do.  I still have hopes of securing at least some money over the summer, but prospects aren't good.  I'm sure there will be a marked increase in posts here.

Thinking ahead, I've decided I'm going to focus on running better and faster.  I'm going to run a 25k (about 15 miles) in July, which means I'd better get on training.  One part of my training I always neglect is cross-training.  Be it other forms of cardio or strength training, I'm terrible about doing anything a little different.

So, in order to work on healthy habits throughout the summer (which I hope to extend into the semester), I plan on working on a series of small goals.  The first?  To get 8 hours of sleep a night and to move around every day.  Now, moving around doesn't mean working out, but it means taking a walk during the day or something like that.  Two fairly simple goals, right?

They seem pretty easy, but it's good to start out small.  Plus, the right amount of sleep will really help me out when it comes to dealing with students and grading...and...getting off coffee (which will happen AFTER the semester ends).