Friday, October 26, 2007

And Now What?

I'm a little giddy; I turned my paper in this morning (after getting a good 6 hours or so of sleep), and then I bought coffee and a scone from the Starbucks across the street from the English building. Then Lance took me out for some soup at our favorite restaurant, since they commented that they hadn't seen us in a while.

I am making big plans for the weekend, including a Renaissance Faire (at which I'll be making books), a Halloween party (at which I'll dress like a sexy librarian and bring a cake disguised as a cupcake), and starting my ISE5 scarf (finally!). And let's not forget homework and taking a picture of the hat that I finally finished...

I'm glad the paper's turned in, but now I must turn my attention to projects in the near future. It would appear that I basically have one more month of the semester--how did it go by so quickly? I don't understand! I have a presentation and final paper pending for American Picaresque, as well as a textual editing project for Intro to Grad Studies. So I'm going to try to stay on top of these projects so that I can finish them with grace and...well, not panic and get stressed out because I have 5 pages to write, 17 sources to read, and 3 days to do it all.

But for this weekend, I'm relaxing and having fun tomorrow. On Sunday, I'll do all my homework.


Timothy said...

Your life sounds almost like mine. Today I taught class, spent a large part of the morning reading and judging poems for a lit mag I'm a staffer for, and spent the afternoon in meetings with the writing center director and the English Grad Director.

I think I need a beer. Better yet, I think I need to get my 20 page paper going for Renaissance Tragedy (but, oh, what to write about?!)

I have a Halloween party tomorrow. I want to go as gay Dumbledore, but I'm strapped for cash. I might just have to be white trash or a dork. Seeing as how I'm a little of both, it shouldn't be too hard.

Have a good weekend!

Justin Ray said...

Relaxation... *sigh*