Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Very Nice Things

In a writing conference yesterday with my Intro to Grad Studies professor, I received a great boost of confidence. I turned in a paper, which I thought was not what she'd want, and then we scheduled a conference to meet with her over the paper. I thought she was going to tell me things like "start over" or "you're all over the place," but it ended up that she said things like "you have great ideas" and "this paper is coming along nicely". She also told me to hurry up and get on to PhD school--I'd do well there and have a better place to play with ideas.

Once in a while, I get insecure about my abilities as a graduate student. Leaving her office with her parting comment that I was an A student and she looked forward to my revisions gave me a boost and made me smile. After all, who doesn't like to hear nice things?

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the secret knitter said...

Good for you. :)