Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Eight Unknowns

Tim has tagged me to provide you with eight things you would possibly not know about me (Lance doesn't count--he has superior knowledge). I say possibly because I may have told you them before (or you might have inferred them), so if I'm repeating, I'm sorry.

#1: I'm the head of a book arts club
You probably didn't know this because I just recently volunteered to be the "facilitator" for the Paper and Pen Book Arts Club, which basically involves marshaling people and sending out e-mails, as well as begging a certain member to stop sending me incessant e-mails and just convey the information to the group himself. We're still in the formation process.

#2: I can draw/paint more than stick figures
I drew a logo for the book arts club!

I have skills (without a "z").

#3: I'm dating a person who doesn't rinse his dishes in hot water!
I just found this out myself yesterday, and let me tell you, I'm appalled. When I hand wash dishes, I always use water that's just under the point of scalding. You must wash and rinse dishes with HOT water. Not cold. Not tepid. HOT.

#4: I own a ring made of a 1963 quarter.
It's awesome. Lance made it for me. It makes up for his lack of hot water usage.

#5: I have never read Melville's Moby Dick
To my everlasting shame in my American Picaresque class last week, I was the only one who'd never even attempted to start reading Moby Dick. Apparently it's some sort of rite-of-passage for English majors.

#6: I'm taking swimming lessons this semester
While I can swim, I don't swim well. And I never got thrown into a pool as a little kid, so I'm slightly afraid of water, even though I love playing in it. Luckily the university HPER is offering swimming lessons at an affordable price, so I'm going to take them.

#7: I got up at 6 am this morning and went to the gym
Sorry, I'm running out of unknown things.

#8: I'm the one liberal in a family of conservatives
Somehow as the only girl in my immediate family, I abandoned their strong conservative tendencies. Occasionally we abuse each others' views--or rather, they abuse mine and if I attempt to argue, bad things happen. We now simply avoid the issue, except for snide comments on their part. It took me about a year to admit that I voted for John Kerry in the last election.

All right! Hopefully you learned interesting things about me. If you read this blog and haven't posted eight things yet (Kerry? Justin?), then take up this meme.


the secret knitter said...

I've started reading Moby-Dick a couple times. Interesting stuff. I just haven't been able to find the time and energy necessary for completing it.

Timothy said...

i've never read Moby Dick either, and I kind of hope I can escape graduate study in English without doing so. I don't know why I feel this way. I'm not even sure what the novel is about (bad, I know.)