Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday (Re)Visions

I feel amazing today. At least in comparison to yesterday, where I felt like stopped up...well, things that are stuffy. The decision to miss class was a wise one, as I was able to rest (and even knit a little!)

Currently, I'm working on a paper revision that I'm feeling really good about. When I turned it in originally, I thought it was terrible, but a conference with my professor showed me that while my writing was rough in spots, my ideas were sound. The confidence that she inspired has been helping me massively with this revision. No longer hesitating and wondering if I can think competently, I've been boldly editing and adding supporting evidence to my points. Last night I even drew a cool connection that I hadn't really thought about before that supports one of my minor points! How cool is that? I may post the best bits here, but we'll see. She's supposed to let us know if she thinks it's publishable!

I'm glad that I took Intro to Grad Studies. Not only is my professor fun and brings us cookies, and not only am I learning a good foundation for future academic pursuits, I'm learning to be a more confident academic and a better writer. It's a lot of hard work, but how measureless are my gains?

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