Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Study Room of My Own

Of course, it is a study room that I share with another graduate student (my roommate, actually). But I went over there today on my lunch break to read a bit of Melville's Confidence Man* And I liked the room.

It's small. It has a nasty florescent light that make a nasty noise--but it also has lots of desk space, a little shelf to stick books on, walls for Post-it notes, a lamp left by a prior occupant. It's quiet, but it has the right feel to it. And I can shut the door and lock it. And best of all it's a room dedicated to studying.

My Study Hole (as I like to call it) will hopefully help me to get more work done. And since it's in the library, I can go find books as I read, if the material refers to one. I did this the other day and was very happy. Yay for a study room of my own!

*For the American Picaresque. Sorry folks, I have yet to do my fall lineup for classes. Also, I was tagged by Tim...guess I have posts for the next two days. Oh, and did you know that (according to the Elements of Style), when you refer to a book as I just did, you can drop any articles before the title? Thus The Confidence Man by Herman Melville becomes Melville's Confidence Man.

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Justin Ray said...

I want a hole. :(