Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dish Rag Tag

We interrupt this blather about literature to bring you coverage of the second-to-last segment of the Dish Rag Tag.

Over lunch yesterday, I trekked to the post office to retrieve this:

Hurriedly, I opened it to discover:
Goodies! How generous Terri is! And I love red. She made the sheep-shaped soap and the pillowcase--so cute.

But now to the work of knitting the dishrag. Since we're already out of the running, I was looking for a fast turn around time. And since it was Friday, I didn't want to have to wait until Monday to send it--so knit I must. After getting dinner started after work, I set out to knit the Lacy Mock Cable dishcloth. And early this morning, I finished, and will set off to the post office in haste.

Here's my finished product:
Off to the post office!


Donna B. said...

Hey, my team came in 2nd! Woo-hoo! I feel oddly triumphant for having totally owned you and Mark. :)

Kerry said...

Very cool, but I'd hate to actually use it as a dishrag, it's too pretty...

(sorry for the deleted post, one computer + two bloggers = confusion)

Jenn said...

I was just happy for the fast knitting--my first dishrag too!

the secret knitter said...

Donna, I believe the correct term is pwned or pwn3d. And yes, you did.

Hooray for first dishrags!