Wednesday, September 12, 2007


(As I'm feeling a bit drained, and don't have much to say today).

The Good:
  • My brother should be flying home from Iraq today--yay! (He's on the bottom row, right side)
  • On Monday, my sister-in-law gave birth to Patrick Allen. A very cute baby, I'm sure, who looks a bleary-eyed from all the hard work he'd done to be born.
  • Justin posted about coffee today. Mmmm, coffee. I really would like an actual espresso machine so I can learn about making shots too.
  • I used up a bunch of tomatoes by making sauce*.
  • I ran 5 miles last Saturday (the farthest I've ever run), and I've been to the gym every morning since last Wednesday.
  • I'm taking swimming lessons!
  • I was on time to work this morning.
  • I should have a cell phone this afternoon *crosses fingers*.
The Bad:
  • I like to let the kitty sleep with me, but she insists on walking over my face at the oddest hours, which makes me get out of bed and throw her out the door. It is kind of cute, though, because she purrs a lot and tries to wash my face.
  • Broken cell phone.
  • I tried to check my voicemail, but I have no clue what my passcode is. You can change it online, but they text the new code to your phone. And since I have no phone...
The Ambiguous:
  • Lance is gone for the week. It's not a "bad", though, because he's doing stuff, and I (logically) should have extra time to get my homework done. But he is so useful to have around...
  • I have a paper conference with my Intro to Grad Studies professor next week. I'm not sure if it will be good or bad.
  • I must read lots this week.

*Those of you who know me slightly will quickly learn that I despise tomatoes, but I like them cooked in sauces, in soups, etc. Thus I glared all week at the GIANT bowl of tomatoes in my fridge until I decided that their fate would be sauce.


Justin Ray said...

Very exciting, both about your brother and your new niece. I've been getting chastised about not exercising, so I'm going to do that today. Yay woot for nice happy endorphins. I feel your pain with the cat dilemma. Helo likes to pretend to be an attack cat at the oddest times...always to me, and never to Justin. Why is that?

Justin Ray said...

(the above comment was written by kerry snook)

Justin Ray said...

I am glad you are happy when I post about coffee. I want to do a series of posts describing all of the Starbucks coffee blends, but I am not sure any of my regular readers would care about the distinctions between expensive whole bean coffees.