Monday, September 10, 2007

Bad Weekend for Technology

Technology and I have not been getting along lately. (Because of that, I've backed up the paper that I've been working on in a multitude of ways). It all started on Friday, when I glanced over at my cell phone lying on the counter, and realized that it was lit up. When I picked up the phone, it was acting as though the volume key on the side was permanently pressed in, rendering the phone useless. I couldn't operate the phone, and although I could receive calls, there would be a persistent beeping while talking.

Lance played with it in a variety of configurations, but nothing worked. So I was phone-less, which felt weird because I'm used to being able to use a phone whenever I need to (and have access to all of my phone numbers). Luckily, the phone is still under warranty, so my phone company is sending me a new one in the mail.

In the meantime, Lance had an old phone that I could pop my SIM card into. It's really old, but it functions. Or did, until I left it in my gym bag when I went for a run on Saturday. I had also tossed in a bottle of shampoo with the intention of showering after my run. However, the bottle of shampoo opened, and leaked all over my phone, and though I tried to clean it off, the keys got messed up. Useless phone number 2.

There were other small incidents involving my use of computers, my iPod, and other technologies, so I threw my hands up in the air and prayed that I could get my work done, since I seem to be cursed. Technology can be openly hostile at times...


Timothy said...

I left the back eye on under my tea kettle and burned it up on Saturday. Now I have to buy a new tea kettle, which has it's positive and negative attributes. Positive: I really want a new tea kettle that's some garish color (like purple) and has a vintage-kistchy quality. Negative: such tea kettles cost more than I'm willing to spend. I think I'll hit the Goodwill and Salvation army sometime this week. They might have just what I need.

Have a good week trying to reconfigure your life around uncooperative technology!

Amanda D Allen said...

I feel your pain. Loving technology hasn't made it any nicer to me. This weekend both Mike's and my computer's web browsers said, "You've been Hacksered" and wouldn't browse the internet. We still haven't figured out what is wrong and I'm scared of doing anything that requires a password on my computer.

Justin Ray said...

This is Kerry -- yes, technology can be incredibly evil. My poor laptop has not been cooperating recently; sometimes it turns on, sometimes not. Nor has my phone -- sometimes it rings, sometimes not. Nor has our water spigot for the washer. Technology is a love-hate relationship.