Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wild Whirlwind of Work!

It's going to be a busy day. Actually, a busy next two weeks.

I'll be starting my fall classes next week. I'm excited, but when you work for a dean's office, it makes the first couple of weeks hectic as students try to get into their classes. It started yesterday as I alternated helping students and changing class information for professors and departments. I have no idea why they insist on waiting so long...but they do, and they will, and so I must trudge forth with a smile on my face. I enjoy helping these students, I really do. It makes me feel good when they walk away, their problems solved and questions answered, and they thank me for taking the time to help them.

So back to work with me!


Justin Ray said...

backs to wurk 4 u. i is reedin' yer blog, has off taday.

Timothy said...

good luck juggling your responsibilities! i'm at the u of tennessee now, and i am not only responsible for my own full-time course schedule, but also tutoring in the writing center and assisting in a section of english 101. i hope i can juggle it!

what classes are you taking this semester?

me--a class on milton and his contemporaries, a class on renaissance tragedy, and a lyric poetry writing class. eep! all of those topics are out of my narrow field of expertise. it should be fun!

good luck to you!