Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Amusing Bad Grammar?

I've recently gotten hooked on this site, which is funny in this quirky way that I can't describe. I have to thank the Grammar Vandal for getting me to click over.


Why is it so funny? I don't understand. Is it because the poor spelling and funny ways of phrasing the captions are intentional? Part of it is the cute pictures of "kittehs" and other creatures paired with the captions.

I think I love it for the intentional use of poor spelling and grammar, and for the utilization of IM-speak. I've always enjoyed satires, and this one combines funny captions, cute picture of kitties, and satire. After all, if a person wrote in the manner of the image above, would they even be able to recognize perfect grammar if they saw it?

My roommate makes fun of me, but I like this site. What do you all think about it? I know it's the blogosphere craze right now, but I can't help but feel that it's popular for a good reason.


Justin Ray said...

I love these things. They are so cute and clever. I just wish I could get some good pictures of Helo when he does funny stuff.

Khakionion said...

lolcats are one of the best internet memes ever, in my opinion. I die laughing every time some cat says "oh hay i upgraded ur RAM."

Justin Ray said...

i luvz teh lolcats. dey makes teh day brightr. tonitz, me'n'kerry is havin cheezbrgrs!