Wednesday, August 01, 2007

O Muse!

I hereby sing the praises of ILLiad, our Interlibrary Loan system. You see, since I'm in grad school, I have to find all sorts of articles and do more research than was demanded of me in my undergraduate days. And I've become a frequent user of ILLiad.

I love it. It's a wonderfully efficient system--I can request everything online, and they usually get my requests back to me within a week, even if it's a book that's coming from another university. And articles? This is the best part of ILLiad: they send me a PDF copy of the article, so I can both save it electronically and print it off.

It makes the research process fun and painless. My library doesn't have what I need, and I can't find it online? No problem! Just plug the information into ILLiad from the ease of my home computer (or work, usually) and wait a few days. The literature shows up practically at my door!

I'm thankful for Interlibrary loan. And I'm glad that my university has a good system, since finding articles and books is a breeze.


Amanda D Allen said...

I owe my entire thesis to interlibrary loan. I completely understand your love.

the secret knitter said...

Praise your library and librarians enough and maybe you can appear on one of those Read posters. What book would you pick?