Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cooking and Writing

I'm the sort of person who understands things better when words are involved. If I want to really learn something, I write about it.

Recently, I've become pretty interested in baking and learning more about baking methods. So I decided to start a new blog: Jenn's Baking Blog can be found following the link. I wanted to explore baking, but I didn't want to do it here, but I actually don't really like having more than one blog. But I felt that for its purpose--to learn more about baking and to play with recipes--a baking blog would be useful. And worth the separation factor.

This blog has been tremendously useful for helping me get out all my "I'm so excited! I love books!!!" emotions, so perhaps having a blog dedicated to my pursuit of more baking skills will be fun and help me learn better. This concept is probably why I'll make students write blogs for any freshman composition class/writing class that I teach--the act of writing, of having to set words to paper (or the screen) is as much a learning process as producing a more official piece of writing.

So mosey on over to the baking blog--when I make something yummy, I'll post pictures and possibly a recipe.

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