Thursday, August 09, 2007

So Long, Teachers...

(Playing Gator Golf with the Teachers: Brenda, Me, Wendy, Haydee)

Yesterday, it was time to say farewell to my teachers. They had a nice dinner planned for us all--everyone was dressed in their finest (except me: I didn't change when I got home because I was in a rush. Luckily I was at least wearing something respectable from work). The teachers had dropped by at work the day before to leave me with some gifts. I had planned to give them books I'd made, but I was waiting for the farewell banquet.

It was nice. I sat and listened them chatter excitedly in English and Spanish. I met more of the students in the program, which was lovely. Even though we were on campus, we had giant bottles of wine on our tables, which some of them drank liberally (Wendy, at one point, was deleting pictures from her camera and muttering about drunk people attempting photography). Oh, and the pictures. Everywhere you turned, digital cameras were wielded, and I was often asked to either take or pose for yet another photograph.

It was a nice way to say farewell, and also a way for the program participants to be recognized for their hard work and achievements. They received certificates (and took more pictures), and finally, at 10:30, I had to say my last goodbyes and head home. Wendy made me promise to come visit her in Mexico, and Haydee and Brenda also told me to visit, so I may just be making a trip across the border sometime soon.

I think I'll be a teacher buddy again next year. And if I have my own apartment, maybe I'll offer to be a weekend host! I had a great time; I really enjoyed getting to meet wonderful new people, and I hope I'll keep in touch with them as they journey back to Mexico to teach their students.

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