Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Post--What's Going On!

For my readers who enjoy the normal stream of grammar and literature related posts, I hate to disappoint you, but I'm just posting about what's going on with me today!
  • I'm running in the Ozark Race for the Cure. I'll be 5K runner with a friend and fellow runner, so it should be loads of fun--plus there's always free stuff. Incidentally, if you'd like to donate some money to Komen, click here: I'd like to have some sponsors! (I also shamelessly e-mailed some of you...)
  • I'll be teaching classes for the Little Mountain Bindery (LMB) this summer. I've been working for the owner of LMB on Saturdays, and she wanted me to teach some courses for her, so there will be three offered! Click here to see the class calendar.
  • Classes are going well, but I really need to quit procrastinating and get some stuff done. Luckily, my Professing Literature professor moved the deadline of one of our assignments, so I can concentrate on my conference paper more thoroughly. Whew!
  • I'm eating sushi today. I know you're jealous.


the secret knitter said...

No jealousy here on the sushi front. Maybe I don't know what I'm missing...

Kerry said...

Aww, I want sushi. But then I'd have to get dressed. Nah, not worth it to me.

g-girl said...

awesome about the 5k and I'm glad you decided to teach classes this summer! I'm sure it's going to be for the sushi, I'm only partly jealous. ;)