Monday, March 05, 2007

Grammar Girl--Rockin' the Grammar World

I have an interest in grammar (duh). I like knowing how the grammar actually works instead of simply relying on the ol' "Well, that sounds right and that sounds wrong" test. Thanks to NPR, I learned about someone who talks about grammar too--Grammar Girl.

Grammar Girl provides both an online resource for people like me or for those who truly wish to understand grammar and improve their writing. She also has a podcast which is interesting, short, and is a great resource for those who are teachers--the podcasts are typically between two and seven minutes. (For a high school teacher, it might be fun to have a weekly grammar lesson based off the podcast. It wouldn't take more than about fifteen minutes, and could engage students a little more than perhaps other methods).

There's also another podcast that teaches you Spanish in 15 to 20 minute segments--or a coffee break--hence the name, Coffee Break Spanish. That's just really cool. My boyfriend and I are going to Spain, so we may use this to brush up on Spanish--him to learn, me to review the basics (I have a BA in Spanish).

The Internet really does seem to expand our opportunity for learning new things!


Amanda D Allen said...

I just have a new overwhelming love for podcasts. I've listened to a couple Grammar Girls, and I've seen Coffee Break Spanish while pursuing the podcasts in I-tunes. I love their accessibility and ease. It has come to the point that when I truly need to wander around a book store (Hastings doesn't cut it) I can meander through assorted podcasts. Five to twenty minutes of listening to a single episode is like picking up a book and flipping through a chapter. I love it! But I'll stop now because you clearly wanted to talk about grammar and not technology ;)

the secret knitter said...

Great find! This seems like a nice option to the syndicated newspaper column that seems to be about how most people misuse particular words.