Monday, March 12, 2007

Grammar Humor

I always get a kick out of grammar humor. Maybe it's because much of it is so subtle that only someone who enjoys and appreciates the complexities of grammar can get it--a sort of inside joke between grammarians and linguists. Sometimes they are just ironic and make you snort a little. And sometimes people sell grammar humor on t-shirts. And I still enjoy it.

Take "I'm a Noun". I've been tempted to purchase this because it is grammar irony, but keep reminding myself that I probably wouldn't wear it anywhere except to bed. It's the sort of thing that a hipster college kid would wear (not me), but I can still appreciate the humor.

Then there's this one--a lovely play on words. Books are good for you...just like broccoli!

I had a friend tell me that she thought of me whenever she saw this one. Maybe it's because I get a little red in the face when people confuse words like their, there, and they're or your and you're. Or it's and its. (Not that I've never not confused them...but...I'm knowledgeable about the difference.)

Ah, grammar humor. What's your favorite grammar joke?

***This post brought to you by Threadless. Mostly because I'm too lazy to look for other examples of grammar humor.***

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