Friday, March 09, 2007

Prose: Knitting Gathering

As I've discussed with the Secret Knitter, I love that I've found an online knitting group. However, since I knit frequently in public and at gatherings, friends of mine have approached me about wanting to learn. I decided that it was time to finally start a real knitting group. So, in a couple of weeks, many friends will gather at my apartment and we will knit and drink wine.

Why did I feel the need? I figure it'd be a good place for people of all levels of knitting to come together to share and develop their skills. Thus far I've recruited mostly newbies--people who either know rudimentary skills of skills or who are still learning to cast on and knit. I'm, I believe, the most experienced one...which doesn't mean a whole lot since I don't know how to properly teach knitting. I just say, " it like this", which isn't the most effective.

But I am looking forward to the knitting group. It'll be a good way--in some skewed sense--for me to practice my professoring skills. Or something like that. But mostly it's a way for me to develop and belong to a community of knitters in the non-virtual world, just like I have here.

(This post is mostly in obligation of some desire I've formed to actually attempt to post everyday...)


g-girl said...

that should be fun! :) will it be guys and girls in attendance?

the secret knitter said...

How neat. Sounds like a lot of fun.

I'm glad to see you're posting more too.