Monday, December 03, 2007


I'm sad to say that I was two posts short of completing NaBloPoMo--and it was tragic. I was in a place with no internet or some such excuse.*

I did learn some things from blogging daily (for the most part). Usually I don't, and I only post when I have things to say. I found that when I was compelled to post, I didn't always write things that were useful, meaningful, or all that great. I struggled at first with this, but then I found posting meaningfully became a little easier**.

I think that my fellow bloggers also liked that I posted with some frequency. I'm not too terrible--I don't go weeks without posting or anything. But several of them are daily bloggers, so it gave us a sense of community. Or something. But I did like posting with some regularity, so perhaps I'll try to keep it up--I make no promises for when I'm in Spain, though!

*This sort of thing usually seems to confirm my inability to actually complete things when I start them. Do I really have that sort of tendency? I hope not...but I fear it is so! Will I get to the end of my Ph.D. program and not graduate because I just can't finish? Or will it be confined to things like desiring to run a marathon and not completing NaBloPoMo? Perhaps...
**Don't think it meant all my posts are this. Quite the opposite.

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Justin Ray said...

I post when I want. I usually want to post every day but don't have the time to think up decent material. Since I have put advertisements on my site, though, it has become much more compelling to post more often. :)

I would be happy to share some of my Espresso Regalo beans with you, but you'll have to come visit me pretty quickly. Theoretically, Starbucks beans expire a week after you open them. I think you can get two or three weeks out of them, although the flavor start to diminish after the first couple of days. By this weekend, I'm afraid my most glorious and wonderful beans in the universe will taste like cardboard. :(