Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bookish Things

My daily web browsing and Google Reader offerings have brought several different websites to my attention, so I thought I'd share them with you all.

First is a used book site, Alibris. Like Amazon's used books, Alibris coordinates independent sellers who might have what you're looking for. I've noticed that often their prices are cheaper than Amazon's (and the shipping is also standardized). And right now they are offering $2 off any order. I ordered a book from them, and I was pleased with the speed of shipping, which is sometimes lacking in Amazon's sellers. (Though I'm guessing it might vary). Basically, it offers an alternative place to look for used books should Amazon let you down or not have what you desire.

Now, have you ever desired to make your own paper? Recycle the paper that accumulates around you? This tutorial looks interesting, and I'm longing to try my hand at homemade paper for my bookbinding purposes...I guess I just gotta get someone handy to build me the frames for it!

If you're environmentally minded, recycling paper is great, but what about the paper that goes into all those books I purchase? All the textbooks that I need to buy? Eco-Libris offers a way to make up for the environmental impact of new books. For $1 each, you can buy a tree and balance out your paper consumption! I thought this was a pretty neat organization, so I wanted to pass it along.

And finally, do you want to read new books, but don't want to spend all that money for a book you'll maybe read once? The BookMooch is a program that allows you to trade books with other Book Mooches, creating a reading community and cutting down on consumption. It's a way to share good books, de-clutter your bookshelf, and get books you want to read with minimal cost. Woo! (Donna, aren't you using BookMooch or something similar?)

Anyway, that's some nice fruits from my web-browsing. Time to go home and make some books!


Donna B. said...

I am a proud BookMoocher! I've sent 35 of the books that no longer need to take up space on my bookshelf (mostly review copies of books that I didn't love enough to keep). I sent two out just today. With the points I earned by listing books to give away, agreeing to send them to other members, and giving feedback on their transactions with me, I have received 28 books from my wishlist (and read two of them, with another underway).

I've bought from Alibris, too, very happily. Because they list inventory from hundreds of used bookstores around the country (and abroad), you can sometimes run across hard-to-find items. I'm a fan.

Justin Ray said...

Bookmooch sounds fun. The problem is that I love drowning in huge piles of disorganized books. It is just part of who I am. Once you accumulate a pile big enough, you can use it as a table. And all that paper lining the walls is bound to help us out on our heating and air bills. :)

Jennifer said...

Alibris is the book dealer that Barnes and Noble uses. If it's more convenient, you can actually have them order for you while you're in the store. I've never had trouble finding anything I needed, especially out-of-print or hard to find books. Interesting stuff, Jenn!

Jenn Richardson