Friday, June 27, 2008

Pain in the Leg

My leg injury is a weird one. Sometimes there's no pain. Sometimes there is. It's not sharp like it was when I first hurt it, but there's a definite feeling of not rightness going on. I tried to look up different running injuries, but apparently what I've done is either not related to running or is not common, so I still don't know what's wrong and what to do about it.

So I thought I'd toss my injury out here in the blogosphere and hope that someone (Kerry??) might have some advice. Or tell me to haul my cheap ass to the doctor, since they'd probably figure out why I'm still not better.

Where is the pain, exactly? Well, I say "knee", but it's not my knee. It's on my right leg on the back side of my knee. If I stretch my leg out straight, there's a tightness/soreness that's concentrated on the outside of the back side of my knee. I suspect it's the bits that connect my calf muscles to my upper leg muscles.

It was a sharp pain when I first injured it, but now it's a stiff/sore feeling that hasn't faded. It seems to be worse when I haven't moved my leg around for a while, and then fades when I move and get it warmed back up. I notice it when I bend my knee as far as I can and sometimes when I straighten my leg out, like when I'm doing forward bends (stretching/yoga). It's not constant or consistent. Icing it and elevating seem to help. Exercise *might* make it feel a little worse, but it seems not doing anything also might contribute to it feeling sore.

Any ideas? My treatment has been alternating between trying to stretch it carefully with yoga and light cardio (except for Frisbee--that's pretty intense, and it made it a little sore), and propping it up on pillows while applying ice. I've also been taking ibuprofen before I go to bed at night, since it's stiff in the morning. I'd really like to be able to return to my running schedule, thank you very much. I suspect that I might need to make an appointment to see my doctor if I want to know precisely what's going on...

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