Thursday, May 17, 2007

Poem: A Contest

I'm participating in a Knitter's Coffee Swap (knitting AND coffee, yesss). The hostess has been giving us contests to participate in, and the last one was titled "Still Life With Coffee and Yarn", and was to feature a photo (or a poem) involving the two.

Since I didn't have a camera at that point (I just got one), I wrote a little poem and submitted it to the contest.

Then this morning I discovered I had been selected as a winner!

I was just so excited that my poem won, that I decided to share it here. I'll let you click the link to view the poem. It's cutesy, but it does some of the same things I described in my post yesterday (convey a feeling, etc).

I love winning contests!


bockstark.knits said...

hey, congratulations!!!

Amanda D Allen said...


g-girl said...

great poem! congrats--what'd you win?

the secret knitter said...

Nice job!

Tournesol said...

You love winning contests? Me too! Congratulation, lovely poem.