Sunday, November 10, 2013

The last day!

It is the end of the barre3 fall challenge, and I want to keep it going because it's been so transformative for me, in ways unexpected and amazing.  I mean, I didn't have a hard time adapting to the gluten-free recipes because, well, that's how I eat anyway, but the striving to incorporate a bit more strength training in made a huge difference.

Things that have changed:

  • I lost a pants size. What!
  • I have abs. Really, seriously. Like, I can see ab muscles. Also crazy-awesome arm muscles.
  • All-or-nothing is dumb. If I can't get a workout in, then don't stress--but try.  I realized the mornings that I started off with a short workout, I had a bit more energy and felt more focused, so it's something I want to keep up with.
  • Feeling stronger overall is awesome.
  • As is running more efficiently.
  • I feel more connected with my physical self, understanding better how muscles connect and work together.  Which means when I run, I'm conscious of how my core drives my arms and legs, and how I need to keep my form active to run well.
This is all pretty fabulous.  So, while I didn't go "all in" with eating and avoiding caffeine and alcohol, I still gained a lot from this experience.  And I can't wait to continue strengthening and improving and having fun, bringing what I learned in the challenge into my everyday life. :)

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