Thursday, November 14, 2013

post-fall challenge

Maybe it's because L is out of town. Maybe it's because I'm loving the strength I've gained and the feeling of healthfulness. Either way, it seems even though the barre3 fall challenge is officially over, I've been sticking with it, eating really well and exercising regularly, which is especially good since I run a half-marathon in over a week!

With my building core strength, I've realized that I'm poised to become a different kind of runner, one who is balanced and strong, perhaps one who can run a bit faster than I have before.  I understand better the ways my core drives the motion of my limbs, and that connection is something I can return to as I grow tired during a run to maintain my form and continue moving efficiently.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my racing performance has changed--and continuing to incorporate the healthy habits and exercise into my day as I pursue my degree and work with my students.

Psst! I got a shout out on the official barre3 blog! Neat!

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