Monday, October 14, 2013

day 1

What I ate (mostly): steel cut oats, apple + tea, salad with veggies, quinoa chili
Day 1 of the Barre3 Fall Challenge passed mostly normally: I ate roughly what I already eat (but made with some fancy recipes!), I worked all day long, went to a Barre3 class for my first workout of the challenge, then came home. I'm eating my dinner as I type this, thinking of the other work I need to accomplish before bed.

Random thoughts: I ate some candy because I neglected to bring my snack (not that candy is bad, but I didn't really want the candy nor did I enjoy it, so...yeah). I came home and ate a bunch of snacks because I was so hungry.  So, lesson learned, take your snack with you places.

Also, I made this miso tahini sauce from Smitten Kitchen and dumped some on top of roasted delicata squash, tofu, and broccoli, which I piled on a huge heap of lettuce I forgot to wash and subsequently realized was pretty gritty (Lesson 2: wash your lettuce). I ate it all happily, gladly, hungrily for lunch and skipped my normal coffee, which I didn't really need but wanted because I usually get afternoon coffee.

Also, rain. I like rain, though I didn't like forgetting all of my rain gear and being unable to get myself home. Oops.

The first day of challenges are ordinarily full of magic and excitement and delight, but maybe I wore myself out with all the weekend's cooking and the hype leading up to it.  Ah, well.  There's a whole month to be excited.

I will say, however, that prepping the food is super NICE--no cooking to satisfy the hungers!  The steel cut oats I ate were cooked and frozen, so I popped 2 "oat bricks" into a saucepan this morning to heat up and feed L and I. And the quinoa chili was heated up on the stove easily and efficiently, and my lunch was pre-assembled the night before. Easy!

Now that my dinner's gone, it's time to get back to work...

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