Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hang a Left!

I've decided to take my blogging in a slightly different direction. Yes, I'll still gush about good books and graduate school, but I also wanted to explore some of my other interests.

I changed the title. I like this title. I think it captures three important bits of my current interests: literature (duh), food (I love good food!), and running (yay for fitness). This will by no means turn into a fitness/food blog, but I thought it'd be fun to talk about literature one day, then share a tasty recipe the next. For those of you who have talked to me, you know that I'm passionate about healthy eating and running, so sharing those passions--as well as my love of all things literary--would be appropriate for a blog named "Eat, Read, Run".

I hope you all will enjoy a little variation in topic--I think I'll enjoy writing about it!


bockstark.knits said...

Maybe you will give me that much needed inspiration for good cookin'. I am so bad about eating healthy - there aren't as many options here in Deutschland that are quick and easy. And mostly I'm lazy.

the secret knitter said...

Hmm, wait, does that mean the other site has been put out to pasture?

Jenn said...

Yeah, I killed it--I didn't want to try to manage two blogs. :)