Friday, April 04, 2008

"Sad Trash"

I am working my way through my G-mail box when I discovered this poem I wrote in 2005:


There's a humming, a buzzing
Energy crackling in my finger tips
Flowing from my Soul
Creative life to waiting to conceive
A burst of divine Light—

The Poet is divine
Did you not know?

All our levels of humble existence
Seek to reach a better plane—
Achieve Nirvana, or Heaven,
Or Enlightenment.

Perhaps Artists are more aware
Of this amaranthine Struggle
Or perhaps we simply
Seek ephemeral perception—
Through Words—
On Page.

It has some issues (I'm not a very good poet), but really like the phrase "amaranthine Struggle". And yes, I like Emily Dickinson. Just thought I'd share some creative writing, since I hadn't really done any lately.

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