Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Things

I bought a new computer recently--I'd been saving up to get a kick-ass desktop that will (fingers crossed) make me through PhD school until I start earning the big bucks as a professor. I'm pretty happy with my new computer, so it inspired me to upload pictures off of my camera. Which inspired me to actually sort them into neat little folders (new computer and all), and since I have a nifty card reader built into my computer, I didn't even need to plug my camera in.

Needless to say, I really like the new desktop. It's inspiring me to new levels of procrastination--I'm juggling cooking and sorting pictures, browsing the internet (I finally am paying for internet at my home instead of just using it at school and attempting to use someone else's unsecured wireless). All this inspired me to actually post.

That...and I wanted to show you all my pretty new bowl that I bought at a local art sale today:

It's a watermelon! It's really big, and I bought it for cheap because the glaze cracked the bottom of the bowl, so it's technically non-functioning. However, it will function quite nicely as a thing to set on my counter and be pretty and hold fruit and stuff. So I'm quite happy with my steal.


bockstark.knits said...

congrats on the new computer! those card readers are the best!!

Justin Ray said...

Glad you like the new compy. It looked nice, and I was jealous. Your watermelon dish is also pretty. You should put a bunch of baby watermelons in it. :)