Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Number 4

Since Secret Knitter so kindly tagged me for a meme, I thought I'd respond within 4 days.

The meme is "4 Things"--I went back to Secret Knitter's source, but I think you can pick any number of four things to write about.

4 Jobs:
1. Resident Assistant: 4 years in college, and I loved all but the last year. The last year taught me that a pleasant supervisor can make all the difference in the world between loving and hating your job.
2. Writing Center Assistant: 3 years of tutoring writing and speech taught me a lot. I like tutoring writing--and my future career is along those lines.
3. Secretary, Civil Engineering: my first "real" job outside of college, it was supposed to be a placeholder until I departed for graduate school, but then I got promoted to...
4. Admin Assistant for the College of Engineering. I like it (mostly), and it is a fantastic way to save money and get cheap graduate school tuition.

4 Movies I could watch again and again:
1. Ever After: I think I adore this movie because she rescues herself at the end of the movie and generally represents a strong female character. I like that. I first watched it in high school and have adored it ever since.
2. Gilmore Girls: I've watched each season repeatedly--it's quirky, has great dialogue, and even when it gets dramatic, I still like it.
3. Moulin Rouge: I LOVE this movie--and sing along loudly every time I watch it.
4. Sense and Sensibility: I also adore this movie; it's a fantastic adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, and it's like watching the novel come alive. I didn't realize until recently how very good it was and faithful to the novel.

4 Places I've lived
1. Modesto, CA: from a wee tot until age 10, my home was in California. My parents fled to...
2. Harrison, AR. I finished growing up here, went to high school in the area, and found out that I was "smart".
3. Since I was "smart", I managed to get a scholarship to UCA, so I moved to Conway for 5 years, becoming the first person in my family to complete a Bachelor's degree. Since a BA wasn't enough for me (and I was dating someone pretty cool), I took off for...
4. Fayetteville. My current home, and where I work and attend graduate school. Fortunately, I'm still dating the feller that I followed up here, so I can pretend like I moved for other reasons than him, though everyone might think differently.

4 Places I've been:
1.) Guadalajara, Mexico: my first study abroad experience. I was sooo young and didn't take as much as I could have from the experience, but it was still quite educational and life changing. (I also lost 20 lbs because I didn't eat much and walked a lot during my 5 week stay).
2.) New Mexico/Arizona: another travel trip through the university, where we set out to study Native American history and culture. We visited the Navajo, Hopi, and Pima reservations, read great books, saw the Grand Canyon, visited Flagstaff (a lovely town), and played in the desert. It was also a great experience that I wish I could go on again, but alas...
3.) Wyoming/Montana: we set out for Montana on a road trip (we were invited to a wedding!) and ended up playing in Yellowstone and seeing some awesome stuff. The wedding was fun, the camping was great, and I had a blast on this trip--in fact, we might repeat it soon.
4.) Spain!!: our most recent trip abroad. It was two weeks of traveling, seeing cool stuff (the Prado! La Sagrada Familia!), and I would do it again in a heartbeat (but I'd also buy Eurorail passes before I went--trains were way too expensive).

4 Favorite Foods:
1. Curry (Thai/Indian): I once did something slightly embarrassing for leftover Thai curry.
2. Broccoli/greens/asparagus/brussels sprouts/peas: I love them green veggies.
3. Beans: especially in bean burger format. Or really any format; I'm not too picky.
4. Ice cream: mmm, ice cream. Delicious. (If it was all healthy food, someone might suspect me of lying!)

4 Places I'd rather be (than work):
1. Home
2. Camping
3. running around the park
4. Colorado

4 people to respond:

1. Justin
2. Aimless Wanderer
3. ADAllen
4. Kerry

(and whoever else might like to, like you, Tim.).

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