Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow, Melted Snow, and Handmade Things

When I looked out my window yesterday, this is what I saw:

Today, almost exactly 24 hours laster, here's what the I see:

I'm so sad--this is a pitiful way for snow to behave. I love snow so much, and for it to finally snow and stick, it didn't stay long enough for me to do any of things I like to do with snow, like go on night snow-walks, play in the snow, throw snowballs, get out of work, look at bird tracks, etc.

Arkansas Winter-1, Jenn-0.

Something entertaining: Last night, I made 6 placemats because I was feeling creative, and I wanted some to use on the table. I had been thinking about it for weeks, so finally I did, and here are the results:

Aren't they adorable? I made them with some fabric I bought with the intention of making a crazy dress. I then realized, however, that it was a little too thin for a whole dress. I'll probably make some manner of lined skirt out of it, however. Or maybe a cute little halter-top...

Anyway, placemats. These are backed with denim, so they are sturdy, and if I want plain blue, I can just flip them over. I love doing the top stitching too; I think it adds a really nice detail.

I have the dining room table by my window, since I figure that it's nice to look out the window. Also, it provides a better room layout. It's usually just Lance and me eating at it, so we really only need access to two places. If I need an extra seat or two, we can just pull the table away from the window.

I made four red placemats, but I decided to make a couple with this neat vintage-style fabric. So I had two made out of this. They were fast, fun, and really easy to make--it was fun sewing six of them in one night!

I think my next step is to make some napkins to match the red placemats...


Kerry said...

Looks like fun, almost as awesome as our placemats! *grins*

I had an entire comment written a few days ago about neologisms, urban terminology, and a response to the New York Times article you showed me. Then it was deleted in my attempt to post it, and I was so sad that I couldn't handle writing the entire comment again. So let me shorten it and say the following:

I couldn't tell if one of my schizophrenics was using a neologism, or if he was using a real word.

Look up "bulldagger" on an urban dictionary and realize why I was hitting a cultural barrier.

Murderers shouldn't be doctors, because they have proven they lack empathy -- ack, antisocial PD. Nor should people with such strong philosophies that they cannot adequately care for their entire patient population, be it Nazism, Satanism, Christianity, etc. My humble opinion. :)

Timothy said...

cute place mats! i wish i could sew.

the secret knitter said...

I swear I've seen the pattern in that second placemat somewhere. Strange...

Anyway, I like 'em.