Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spanish Movements

We hit Toledo yesterday, which is a short 30-minute hop by train from Madrid. (Lance and I keep asking ourselves why we don´t have more trains--would a train between Conway-Maumelle-Little Rock be wonderful? Or among the NWA cities?)

Anyway, I´m still holding off too many details until I have photographs, but I thought I´d chat a bit about the art of Spain. I knew that Spain had a couple of painters of note--but I discovered the art of one that I knew by name: El Greco.

He painted at the end of the 16th to the beginning of the 17th century, and his paintings are distinctive for their elongated figures, use of light and color, and mystical subjects. He also often painted his figures holding their hand up in a particular way. I think when I get home, I´m going to set out to learn more about him and his art; he seems like a really interesting person. We walked by his house yesterday, and today, when we go to the Prado, we´ll see more of his art.

Hostel life is still interesting. We´re heading off to Barcelona tomorrow, so that´s exciting--but our trip is starting to come to its conclusion. It seems like a long time since we were home, and it´s only been a week and a half...

Off to the yarn store today. I´m hoping it´ll prove to be all I´ve hoped for...

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