Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hotel to Hostel

Hola, my faithful readers. We're now in the lovely (huge!) city of Madrid. We're headed off to the Prado later this evening (when it's free), so we'll get to see lots of awesome art. I'll relay more later.

We arrived in Madrid yesterday afternoon, and set out for an affordable place to stay that was close to our train station and our tourist destinations. Using my guidebook, I found a little place that looked cool and got high ratings, Cat's Hostel. It's pretty cool, especially for a hostel, but we went from a hotel room to a noisy eight person dorm, so the switch was interesting. But exciting.

Well, our place has free internet, but only for 20 minutes, and it's taking me forever to do anything on them because the internet is slow, so I'd best sign off.


*PS, Donna and Mark, I found a yarn shop finally in Spain. I'm planning to check it out tomorrow or the next day and will report my findings about Spanish yarn stores...


Southern said...

I love these little updates, but I fully expect a giant recap with pictures when you get back!

the secret knitter said...

I'll be curious to read what your yarn shop experience is like. Figuring out what's what should be easy--right?--but I'd be at a loss with price conversions.

Donna B. said...

Spanish yarn! Woo-hoo! Let me know if you need an extra credit card for your transactions ... I'll only take a small commission in kind.