Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Belated ARCHIES (Top 25)

Having read several lists of Archies, I found my list-making impulse* too captivated to not do it. So after a little thought (and an internal debate on if I was too late, but then I saw this), I decided to list, in no particular order, my list for 2007:
  1. Spain (potential 2008)
  2. my own apartment (potential 2008)
  3. little shelves in my closet for shoes
  4. Ravelry
  5. Knitting groups
  6. Rory (the cat, not the Gilmore Girl)
  7. Jesca Hoop
  8. bookmaking
  9. Working for the Little Mountain Bindery
  10. Tortilla de patata (Spanish omelette)
  11. Sunbeam stand mixer
  12. Two friends' wedding
  13. Another one, two months later...
  14. Realizing I have really awesome friends
  15. A visit
  16. NPR
  17. Free Rice
  18. The Cupcake Blog
  19. 101 Cookbooks
  20. Library Thing
  21. Etsy
  22. Knitty
  23. Google Reader
  24. Knitting Swap Pals
  25. The Grammar Vandal
I think 25 ought to do it for my first stab at the Archies!
*There's a site that encourages lists. Drat them!


Justin Ray said...

We made it on your list! Yay! Did we give you any bread starter? Tonight, we made oreo cookie bread. Last night was butterscotch and lemon poppyseed. We have a lot of bread.

bockstark.knits said...

Hey, I learned a word through your blog. I didn't know what an Archie was. Am I old??? geez.... But it's a great list!!