Monday, June 18, 2007

Making Things

I'm a creative person. I like thinking up good ideas for papers, writing them. I do a little creative writing on the side.

But I also make things. Like a skirt. I made myself a long black skirt for a wedding I am in next week. And while it could be better, it looks pretty good for a first attempt at skirt making. I used this book, which teaches you how to make skirts without patterns. I am inordinately proud of my skirt, and might make another this week out of some linen Lance bought for me from Ikea.

I also make books, as I've shown before. So now I'm going to post pictures of a book I made for the same wedding as the skirt!

(longstitch binding)

Here's a better shot of the spine stitching


I picked a cool endpaper too!

(Chinese character paper)

I started making books last August and have really progressed--this is one that I figured out how to make myself! It's a neat skill to have, and I love making books for friends.


g-girl said...

now where is this skirt?? I'm so jealous. I need to learn to sew. The book looks amazing! :)

the secret knitter said...

The book looks fantastic.

All that build-up to the skirt and then no photo?

pseudobunny said...

That is really stunning!
Really really!