Wednesday, April 11, 2007

That Library Thing

Though I didn't need another web-based fun thing to play with, a friend of mine gave me one anyway. This one is Library Thing, and it's nifty. It's an online cataloging system for your personal library, as well as a way to connect with others who have read the books you have, and it also gives you a space to write reviews and rate your books.

See that module in on the right, over there? That's also sponsored by Library Thing. It displays--with a choice of several formats--what's in my library. Of course, since I have a million books, I haven't managed to get many uploaded besides what I'm currently reading or thinking about, but it's still nifty to have books in my side bar.

It's both useful and fun, especially if you like to sort and catalog things (I do). But even if you don't, it's still useful and fun because it can connect you with other online users of similar book tastes, or give you a way to explore new books. Finding new good books can often be a challenge, and Library Thing proudly facilitates that process.

I just wanted to share that site with you all; I won't be able to do much with mine until the semester is over, but I look forward to playing with more features on the website.

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kris said...

you can also get the cuecat that they sell. i think it's like $20 and you scan the UPC, way faster than doing it manually. although if you have a lot of older books, you still have to enter it in manually.