Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm Back!

After recovering from a bout of either the flu or the sinus infection (it was diagnosed as the flu, but I suspect that it might not have been), I've returned. Everyone else I read posts much more frequently than I do, so sometimes I feel pressured to put up a post, even if it's not talking about my self-proclaimed blog topics.

I sometimes feel the need to specialize and organize my life to the nth degree--I actually starting a crafting blog, and then decided that I was getting a little too neurotic about categorizing. So while this is still my "academic" space, I think I'm going to expand it to a bit more (so I have more to talk about).

I'm dreadfully behind in my studies: working full-time puts a damper on the amount of time I have to procrastinate before finally settling down to read. I'm taking two classes this semester, so if I relax a little after work or go for a run, then I don't have enough time to do my homework. Then I get stressed, and my boyfriend chides me for taking on too much, since that's what I do. But I also enjoy that other stuff, so I guess I should cut down on the procrastination time...

I'll post more soon about my next assignment in Professing Literature, the horrible book I'm slogging through for Literary Theory, the hat that I made, and bookmaking. That should give me a few posts...

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the secret knitter said...

If your blog is on the new version of Blogger, you can tag descriptions to your posts, if that makes you feel more organized. (It's probably something I ought to do.)

Blogs evolve too. Unless you're keeping things separate for a reason--like me and my knitting secret--I don't see why you should start another one.

As much as I feel like I shouldn't take time to relax when I'm busy, I know I'm usually better if I grant myself that time. If all I do is sit in front of the computer waiting for the ideas anyway, how productive am I being? A break every now and then won't kill you.