Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things I Did Today

Very occasionally, I have the house to myself.  I usually use this as a time to explore on my own, or mostly to clean and relax without worrying about more dirty socks appearing.

Beginning at 5am, I got up and went out to Devil's Den to hike to a lookout point to see the sunrise with a friend who will soon be embarking on a new adventure.  I think it was totally worth only getting a few hours of sleep...
Then we came back to town and went to the farmer's market, where I purchased asparagus, eggs, and new potatoes, and a lovely bouquet of flowers.  While waiting for the yarn store to open, we drank coffee and had some breakfast at one of my favorite downtown haunts.  Then we went over to the yarn store so that I could pick up a skein of yarn to finish another two-toned shrug (from Fitted Knits--love. this. pattern.)

Back to home, where I lazed around, watching Bones, cleaning, and sitting on the couch, knitting.  Then I went to get Sassy, whom I was dog-sitting:
Such a sweet dog.  She's easy to watch, and she even ignores the cats.

Then I lazed around some more, went for a walk with the dog, went for a 40-minute run, picked gobs of strawberries, and watched more Bones while eating dinner.  I made a beet-yogurt soup, which I shall have to share because it was pretty tasty, and I sauteed onions, new potatoes, carrots, and a huge mound of chard from the garden.  Delicious.

I like these occasions to just do what I want.  As much as I love hanging out with Lance and spending time with him, it's nice every now and then to just have a day to myself.  It recharges and replenishes us both, and keeps life from getting too dull.

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John Q. Doe said...

Thank you for a wonderful morning. <3