Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Fit Challenge

You all know that I run. And run. And run some more.  I run because I like how it makes me feel, and I like the challenge, and I like how fast I'm getting and how far I can run.  I also run because I want to be in better shape.  If you talk to any running or fitness professional, however, they will advise that a runner cross-train and do a variety of activities.

I'm really bad at cross-training.  Well, not bad, just negligent.  I can stick to my running schedule like nobody's business, and I'll do a bit of yoga on a regular basis, but I'm not so good about regularly strength training or doing other forms of cardio.

So to challenge my running self (and, in the end, improve my running), I've decided to take on a challenge.  The university gym has several fitness classes throughout the week that I'd like to try out.  Usually, I circle the classes I think are interesting, try one or two, then neglect to go to any others.  This summer, I want to challenge myself to try out most or all of the classes I can fit into my schedule and attend the ones I like regularly.


  1. Must attend at least one new class per week.
  2. Must continue with current running schedule (I'm still training for a half-marathon, and I have to keep running!)
  3. Must not go overboard so that Lance forgets my face or starts accusing me of obsessive behaviors.  Also, must still make social time with friends.
  4. If I don't enjoy a class, I will not return to it, but I can't dismiss something I haven't tried.
  5. Must blog about each new experience.
That's probably enough rules.

Monday, I attended Strength and Flow taught by Meaghan.  The class advertises itself as a yoga/pilates hybrid.  I like yoga, and if I have to strength train, I tend to prefer exercises that don't require gobs of equipment, so I decided to give it a try.  It wasn't yoga in the sense that I like to think about it--the instructor merely incorporated yoga poses after particularly intense exercises or as a strength exercise.  The moves were pretty straightforward, and the only difficulty I had in following everything was when I couldn't see the instructor because I was hiding toward the back.

Overall, I enjoyed the class--it went by quickly, I felt like I got a good workout, and I liked the minimal use of props (we used a balance ball for a few of the exercises).  The class was also fairly small as many people went to the Beach Body class taught at the same time (a class I will likely attend next week).

I prefer smaller classes because I don't want to feel like a dork in front of a crowd of people, but I will have to get over that if I wish to complete my little challenge.

What do I want to get out of it?  I hope to be fitter and stronger (my upper body strength in particular is laughable, as I can't even do a real push-up), and I hope to become a better runner.  My run yesterday actually rocked, and I attribute it to the cross-training I did Monday.  So far, a success!

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