Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Miscellany of Items

  • I really need to just do my taxes. It's ridiculous that I keep putting it off, especially when the government will give me some money when I'm done.
  • I had a weird sense of satisfaction in listing my and Lance's relationship as "unmarried partnership" on the census form.
  • I didn't get into University of Illinois.
  • I have three more chances to get into a Ph.D. program (with funding, please).
  • My race this weekend (a 20k trail race) was cancelled because someone got lost in the woods on the 50 mile race the day before. The runner was eventually found and was all right, I believe.
  • Our weekend road trip started off ominously with a sick child (we were riding with friends), but it ended quite nicely with flea market shopping, games, and good food and a trip to Serenity Farm Bread (NOM) on the way home.
  • Cilantro is gross, and Taco Tuesday was nearly ruined by its presence.
  • Still running lots--I even got a Garmin!--and I signed up for the Hogeye Half-Marathon.
  • Leaving for the weekend means I have way too many items to catch up on in Google Reader. Might be time to thin the subscriptions down a bit, since I've acquired so many sharebros, and they keep Reader pretty busy.
  • I have things that I have made and would like to post about...sometime.
  • Happy birthday shout out to my sister-in-law!

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