Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow Day, Snow Day

I'm hanging out at home currently, reading Cleland's Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (ooh, racy!) because there was tons of ice and snow this morning--though, it's somewhat melted currently. I was happy to get a day off to get some things done, like clean the house, read books, bake a tiny cake, play in the snow.

On our way to walk somewhere for lunch (and to play in the snow), something amusing occurred: My cat hadn't come home last night or this morning, which was extremely unusual--usually she is waiting at the door before bedtime. As I was walking in front of my downstairs neighbor's apartment, I noticed something sitting in the window--Rory! She sees me and starts meowing and rubbing on the glass. I knock, no one answers. I knock a little harder to make sure they hear me--I turn to Lance to appraise him of the situation, saying loudly "I just want my cat" when I hear a noise, and "Oh! Oh!". I turn in time to catch a glimpse of flesh. The door opens and what would appear to be a naked neighbor (hiding behind the door) tells me that she thought I was her roommate. She was a bit sleep fuddled, poor girl. Rory follows me out and promptly goes to my apartment and falls asleep.

It was pretty funny--I assume they saw it snowing, saw Rory outside, and felt sorry for her. In reality, we had just let her out, and would have let her back in when we returned an hour or so later. And she would have been fine outside for that length of time--she's smart and knows that we wouldn't leave her outside to freeze.

Well, back to making the most of my free day. Go snow!

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Kathryn said...

awwwww.....I can just see poor little Rory howling on the other side of the glass. I bet she was happy to see you.

The snow didn't last long but it was nice to have a day to do stuff around the house and work out.