Thursday, November 08, 2007


  • Remember my recent post about the link between mental and physical health? Today, the NY Times posted an article about how staying active can reduce the risk of dementia and keep the brain from deteriorating in later life. Better go hop on that treadmill!
  • I'm heading down to LR this weekend to sew and have fun. Whee!
  • I have mastered the butterfly swimming stroke. Well, "mastered" is stretching it a bit, but I am doing it almost right, and I can swim a length using it.
  • I was planning to go to a lunch meeting today because it would teach me about creating a CV and resume, but now I feel hesitant. I should probably just go...
  • I have a fun assignment that I need to work on. I'll post more details later, but it involves an imaginary Scottish poet and his poem about his beloved cat's nipples.
  • Thomas Pynchon's Vineland is interesting.
  • I am really enjoying Jessica Abel's La Perdida. It's full of all sorts of good themes, like the failure of communication and learning to exist in a new culture. Fascinating--and I get to give a presentation on it and write a paper!
  • Less than one month of class left. Oh, the pressure!

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Kerry said...

Yay for visiting LR! Give me a call -- I have a 2 pm meeting on Friday, then I'm done; I am doing rounds insanely early on Saturday and will probably be off by the time you would want to see me anyway. And I'm off on Sunday, though my parents have requested for me to come see them at some point, lol.