Monday, November 06, 2006

Scribbling Away!

I just finished the Day 6 chapter of my novel. It's really becoming sentimental, but I'm going to keep trudging ahead, garnering all bits of knowledge. Once it's complete, and I've finished the challenge AND accomplished something I've always wanted to do, I'll steal the better bits, or maybe make it into something worth reading.

My word count at the moment is 8898. Which means I have about another 1000 words or so to type on Day 5's chapter (I didn't work too much on it this weekend, with homework and all), and I'll be caught up. And pleased because I've managed to stick it out for 6 days so far.

It's actually going a little easier than I thought. I basically just sit down and write, having held the editor in me hostage. If your goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days (an average of 1666 words a day), then the editor has to go. At least until December 1st. I like the editor in me, but there's something nice about not worrying too much if the writing is very polished and just sitting and letting the words flow. I keep getting advice on writing that consists of "Just sit down and write a little every day," and it's true; the exercise of writing something out, be it a blog, a journal, creative writing or academic, seems to keep the creative flow going.

Onward, to writing! (And my grad school project of the semester...More on that tomorrow.)

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