Monday, November 13, 2006

Gettin' Behind

So, I'm a little behind on my NaNoWriMo. But the boyfriend is leaving town on Wednesday, I feel like I'm on the ball with my homework/big grad school project of the semester, so hopefully I can use the wealth of time wisely and get caught up.

The novel writing experience is actually great. I know that a lot of what I'm writing is crap, but I also see some glimmering jewels. I think I understand now why they say "just write"; it helps you process ideas and find that one sparkling idea that can be polished into something nice.

The grad school project is to write an introduction to a book, an assignment I find wonderfully planned and designed. My professor's reasoning is that many beginning scholars do work of this nature, thus it is not only a research project, but it helps us develop our skills of scholarship that we can use when we are fledgling academics. I like it. I'm writing on Sir Walter Scott's The Bride of Lammermoor, which I read and delighted in. I think I may take a perspective of the role of dialogue in the novel and tie into Scott's fascination with storytelling/oral history or something like that. I've got to get cracking though--less than a month until it's due!

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Amanda D Allen said...

Yay I was really hoping that I was going to get support instead of correction ;)

When I wrote this I didn't have any idea that the UCA students were protesting to keep the soccer team. How apropos.