Wednesday, January 02, 2013

welcome to the new year

I love New Year's Resolutions. I know that everyone thinks you shouldn't really do them, they set you up for failure, blahblahblah...but the allure of being able to say, "this year, I have plans and goals" is pretty empowering. And usually, I don't pick anything too crazy or anything. I just enjoy having the ability to feel like I'm starting afresh, tackling a new challenge, and making my life a little bit more awesome than it already is.

My big goal for this year is to do something about my clothes buying habits. Despite my meager income, I love buying clothes I don't necessarily need. Maybe it's because I didn't get to buy pretty things or wear stylish clothes when I was a teenager, but since I've been out on my own, clothes are something I spend a lot of money on.

However, that's going to change. This year, I'm resolving to buy no new clothes. None at all. I did an inventory of my closet, and I have plenty of skirts, pants, tops, sweaters, and dresses, not to mention underthings and tights and socks. I'm good on running/workout clothes as well. So I can't imagine needing anything new for both casual or professional wear.

The few loopholes I'm allowing myself: I can make new clothes for myself (or refashion existing things in my wardrobe) if the materials I use are already in my possession. (Except for things like zippers...if I need small things to finish out a project, that's okay).  Basically, no new yarn or fabric buying either.

The other little loophole I'm allowing myself (to make this goal not unfeasible or impossible) involves thrift shops. If, once a month (or every other month), I start to get an itch to shop, I'll go to a thrift store with $10. And spend no more than that sum. Ideally, I'll take a friend and it'll be a time for bonding and fun times, not wanton consumerism.  I have so many lovely clothes that I can wear and my budget/pocketbook will thank me for saving the funds and putting it toward something else, like books or my savings account or a new kitten.

My other resolutions/goals are pretty mundane, really. Run another marathon this year, continue to run regularly, continue to eat healthfully, etc. (The eating has gotten a lot easier with the discovery that I can't eat wheat, which is pretty awesome. I'll post about how that's going soon).  They aren't really resolutions in that I've already been doing them.  The big one will be: take and pass my comps (written and oral) before the end of summer.  Duhduhduh!  Scary. But I can do it because if there's anything I'm good at, it's reading and writing about what I read.

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