Wednesday, January 05, 2011

NYE Outfit: Vintage Finery!

Several months ago, my cool aunt (who is also making my wedding cakes!) scored a sweet find at an estate sale: a vintage dress, in almost perfect shape, for like $2.  (FYI: it's always nice to have someone who knows my tastes looking out for me!).  When I went to visit in November, she brought the dress out of the closet.  I eyed it cautiously for a few minutes because it looked too small for me around the middle.  The dress, however, was a lovely shade of pink and looked exactly like something I should own.

In spite of my worries, I tried it on, and even though it was very fitted, I could tell it fit properly.  This was, after all, a dress from the era of more fitted dresses and more confining undergarments.  I made a few small adjustments to the dress (removed some fading velvet bows and fixed a torn sleeve).  I thought about wearing it to Christmas (but opted instead for my red silk Christmas skirt), but ultimately decided that New Year's Eve would be the perfect venue for this lovely dress.

I was also given some lovely vintage jewelry from Lance's grandma (some that I will wear at the wedding!), so I wore that as well.  While thrifting the afternoon of NYE, I found a great pair of shoes (for cheap!) that I wore.  The best find of all during the thrifting excursion, however, was a lace clutch with matching gloves:

So pretty, and yet so cheap!  If only they were white, I could wear them with my wedding dress.  I will find other reasons to wear them, never fear.

I felt a bit costumed, but you know what?  I felt awesome.  There is definitely something to be said about wearing clothes that fit well and make you feel good in them.


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