Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wedding Planning Recommences!

Lance and I have been engaged for three months now, but somehow I think we're a little behind on wedding planning.  Here are things I have done:

  • tried on wedding dresses (and ruled out buying one)
  • obtained a dress to take apart and make mine out of
  • picked wedding cake recipes for my aunt to make
  • figured out bridesmaids/groomsmen and officiant
Here are the things we probably should be doing but haven't yet:
  • set a date (well, we did this once already, but it fell through)
  • register
  • figure out a budget
  • decide dresses/suits/Lance's suit
  • food
  • photographer
  • engagement photos
 Luckily, thanks to an awesome friend, we may have figured out where the darn thing is going to be.  And now that we've figured out where, we can figure out the when.  And the budget.  For some reason, so much of our planning was hinging on that not-so-minor decision.  Now that we have a where (which I'm really excited about because it's going to be SO COOL. And budget-friendly!), I'm back in wedding planning mode again.  Lance and I have decided we're going to try for the cheap-yet-fun wedding award, and we're excited.  As you can probably tell from my overuse of the italics.

Let the wedding planning excitement continue!  I'm obviously out to make this as much fun as humanly possible instead of aggravating as it too often seems.

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