Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Challenge!

Last October, I joined the Social Workout Eat, Sweat, Blog challenge, which was super fun. It turns out that I'll willingly deprive myself of things if it's a game. I had tons of fun and even got a cool t-shirt out of it. So I joined the Emergency Holiday Challenge, which was also fun (although I didn't complete enough challenges).

Then I saw the New Year's Edition Challenge, which runs from January 11-February 12, and figured it would be a fun way to challenge myself to keep working out regularly and to accomplish daring feats! I think I even convinced my co-worker to sign up too. Feel free to join in the fun, if you wish!

The Challenge requires one to workout 20 times in the 33-day period and to accomplish at least 10 feats of strength. I like to figure out which feats I plan to attempt, and so I shall share them with you here. I selected 15, so that if a few don't work out, I still accomplish what I'm after.
  • Jan Plan Plus: No booze from January 11th-January 31. Not always the most fun, but definitely a good challenge.
  • Sugar-Free: One week, no sugar--always a challenge for me! I shall attempt extend this one for the duration of the challenge
  • Whole-Grainy: no white foods for the duration (white rice, white flour, etc)
  • Swap Meat: Well, since I'm a vegetarian, I'm going to try to do Vegan Mondays (or a vegan day once a week). Shouldn't be too hard...
  • Home Food: four meals a week at home? Easy as homemade pie. :)
  • Sun Salute: sun salutations, every morning--a great way to wake up and tone my arms!
  • Stand Up: on the hour, every hour, at work. Because sitting kills.
  • Home Workout: create a workout space and use it once a week. This might be difficult because I can't create a dedicated workout space--I just have to use my office or my living room. For me, the challenge will be utilizing a home workout resource: videos, yoga mat, etc.
  • Take a bath: ohhh, yeah. This is a good one--since I'll be doing longer and longer Sunday runs, taking a bath afterward will aid in recovery and warm me back up!
  • Sleep log: keep track of when I go to bed and when I get up...because I really should be sleeping more with the increased running.
  • Sleep discipline: for seven days in a row, get up and stay up by 6:30am. Yikes!
  • Worm and Fuzzy: Compost! (Which we already do, so this one's a freebie for me)
  • Energy Sabbatical: twice during the challenge, shut off all inessential electronics. This will be tough, but Lance thinks it'll be a fun challenge too!
  • Plant Friendly: possess plants. Um, double check on that one. Another freebie!
  • DIY Feat: I'm challenging myself to simplify my life. This means working to get rid of useless/excess belongings and other simplifying measures, such as reducing the number of Google Reader subscriptions...
Should be a fun time all around!

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